How Hynec Technologies was born

Welcome to Hynec and here is all you need to know about us.

Hynec Technologies was launched in 2016, offering a range or products the best seller being the sell adhesive fell pads range.

The adhesive felt pads have been really popular as they are superior quality in the way that they provide thick and guaranteed protection by using thick felt and the best adhesive we could find alter months of testing. They also come in a variety of sets, shapes and sizes. As well as soon available in black felt.

We are now also offering screw in pads, for those who like a long term commitment and don’t mind a little extra effort of screwing the pads in. You can rind out more about these on our shop page.

All of Hynec products are given a lot of attention ensuring highest quality as well as the greatest value and satisfaction to the consumer.

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